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Product Management Software

Want to prevent major product setbacks? Cority knows that in highly-regulated industries, product management can make or break an operation.

Our customers use this solution to formalize their approach to documenting and addressing specific and systemic problems and then share those learnings across the company.

There is seamless interoperability with other Cority modules to provide flexible reporting, notifications and approvals that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

If you have difficulty documenting, communicating internally and tracking quality issues, as well as the appropriate corrective and preventative actions, Cority’s CAPA Software module can help. 

  • Define corrective and preventive actions, including responsibilities, notifications and escalations while documenting the impact to people, process and product.

  • Ensure timely issue management that meets or exceeds regulatory and customer demands.
  • Replace reactive corrective action management methodologies with root-cause and long-term solutions through a central knowledge base.
  • Capture and control both internal and external failure quality costs.
  • Analyze data and identify trends in product and process deficiencies to proactively find and eliminate them.

Key Features Of This Module:

Manage Critical Changes

Manage critical changes to design requirements across multiple manufacturing sites, as well as among suppliers.

Specific Documentation

Effectively manage product specific documentation and requirements and changes to product requirements through ECO’s (Engineering Change Orders).

Enable Engineering

Enable engineering, manufacturing and quality departments to work with and maintain one system.

Change Requests

Provide employees access to change requests, process flow alterations and updated process and design FMEAs.


Integration with ERP systems for a seamless data flow eliminating redundancy and inaccuracies and improving visibility.

Advanced Product Quality Planning

Define Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) documents including DFMEA, Process Flow, PFMEA and Process Control.


Archive previous revisions and track who made the last revision with electronic signatures.

Ensure Compliance

Ensure compliance with quality standards ISO 9001, IATF 16949, AS 9100 etc.

Works With These Modules:


Our customers use this solution to formalize their approach to documenting and addressing specific and systemic problems and then share those learnings across the company..

Supplier Quality

Supplier Quality

Cority allows for tracking on nonconformances and corrective actions while also providing the ability to conduct, track and record supplier audits. Supplier scorecards can also be built and communicated throughout your organization.

Customer Complaints

Cority manages every quality related customer interaction with a streamlined, configurable process and is designed to efficiently capture, manage and track outcome in a closed loop.

Gauge Calibration

Cority Gauge Calibration Software incorporates the results of various analyses within a single interface, eliminating the need to manage difficult-to-integrate software applications and providing a portal of visibility into gauge calibration and process health across the organization.

Document Control

Cority Quality Document Control software provides secure, fast and efficient documentation access to all stakeholders locally or globally with minimum administrative overhead and maximum control.


Whether the source is a customer complaint, an inspection, an audit or is supplier-related, Cority Nonconformance is designed to efficiently capture, manage and track nonconformances in a closed loop.

Inspection & SPC

The Cority Inspection & SPC module allows your organization to plan for and record the results of product testing to both confirm product conformity and to identify trends which might indicate future nonconformities.

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